So often we hear people reference  “the good ‘ol days.” A time when families would gather around the table and share conversation, laughter and enjoy a home cooked meal. Somewhere between the good ‘ol days and today, the art of family conversation has become quite the challenge. Church families are no different. Too often we come to service only to rush out afterwards, never having time to really enjoy each others company.

At Fields of Grace we make time for the things that matter; people. On the last Sunday of most months we gather together for a time of prayer, conversation and home cooked treats brought in by our members. This is our set aside, once a month communion time.

We invite you to come and enjoy a Sunday meal with us. Be sure to bring your favorite dish to pass. To help ensure we have plenty for everyone, kindly complete the “What I’m Bringing” Form Here.

Sunday Meal Dates:

December 30th (Crockpot Meal)

January 27th
February 17th (3rd Sunday-No services on Feb 24 (4th Sunday)
March 31st
April 27th
May 19th (3rd Sunday-4th Sunday we return to the farm)