INCLEMENT WEATHER: When we encounter inclement weather (rain or cold) we set up on stage. You will still bring your own chair however, please be aware of your distance when setting up your chair. While we are still in open spacing, there is limited room on stage. We try to not cancel unless absolutely necessary. 

LAWN BLANKETS: Keep in mind when bringing a lawn blanket; if it rains the evening before yet our Sunday looks nice, sitting on the grass may still be wet from the evening rain. You are welcome to still sit on the grass however we suggest you consider laying a waterproof tarp first and then put your blanket on that to keep dry.

LIVE STREAM ONLY SUNDAYS: On cold, rainy days we may choose to not gather outdoors but rather opt to broadcast services live stream from Pastor’s location while you watch from the comfort of your own homes. You will be notified in advance. (See below).

OUTDOOR CANCELLATION NOTIFICATIONS: You will be notified of any outdoor cancellation decisions either on Saturday evening or Sunday mornings by 8 a.m. We will post notifications on Facebook, an email newsletter, or our APP. In the FOG APP please be sure you have selected “allow push notifications” so you receive these alerts. You must also have your main “notifications” turned on in your phone settings. Even if you have notifications turned on in the FOG APP, if your main settings have notifications off, you will not receive our alerts. We highly recommend you check our Facebook page early Sunday morning prior to coming out if the weather looks nasty.