“It all started with water.” James Coming up out of the water, wondering what just happened in my life. They talk about Christ coming into your life, but what does that really mean? 

How can someone love you so much that they will forgive all the wrongs that you have done? That is a concept that was hard for me to grasp, but one that changed my life. I have been loved through all the things that have hurt others and the mistakes of the past. Through Christ I was able to forget the past – the wrongs that I had done and forgive the wrongs done to me. We need to learn how to love ourselves as Christ loves us, and that is something I realized that day in the water. Unconditional love; that is how God loves us. That is what love is. So laugh at things around you, smile at the funny things that happen every day, and learn to live life in the freedom of His love.