“It all starts and ends with Jesus.” Ryan Having battled depression and anxiety much of my life, I was in the lowest place when my dad passed away after a vicious battle with cancer. Raised Christian, I was dabbling in different faiths considering myself an eclectic blend of many different religions: Buddhism, Christianity, and “New-Ageism.” Going through fear, doubt, and general-agonizing anxiety, I cried out “I am begging you Jesus, please come into my heart and soul and save me.” Within 18 months, my friend and roommate committed suicide; my younger brother and best friend passed away; and both grandparents passed. Though life turned upside down, I am stronger and have become a man through Jesus Christ and His strength. I had a choice to accept the challenge the Lord placed before me or become a cynical doubter. I chose Christ. I now have a calmness that lies beneath it all; a faith; a strength. I feel I am on the right track and that all starts and ends with Jesus Christ.