OUTDOOR: When you arrive, if the orange cones are out, closing off the lower level parking, then service is being held outside. Please park in the upper parking area.

INDOOR: When you arrive, if the orange cones are NOT up, services will be held indoors. You may park in the lower level.

We will most likely move services outdoors on days that are a minimum temperature between 67-70 degrees with partial or full sunshine.

We love all the amazing wildlife …

There is an abundance of wildlife most Sundays. Sandhill Cranes, Canadian Geese, Bunnies, Soaring Hawks, Turtles, Egrets, etc. While we encourage you to celebrate God’s creation, we do ask you to please keep a safe distance from all wildlife so as to not disturb their natural habitat or cause them to become spooked or territorial. Thank you kindly.



Month of June 2022

June 5th – Holy Spirit Power (Pentecost Sunday)

June 12th – The Three in One (Trinity Sunday)

June 19th – Joseph-A Man in the Background (Father’s Day)

June 29th*  – The Snake (Family Meal Sunday)

We have officially kicked off the outdoor services. 
We plan on sitting outdoors every Sunday through October. (weather permitting).
*This will be our Family Meal Sunday and celebration of friendship. Plan on staying after service to spend time with your church family. If you are able to bring something to share, please do, however, you are invited to always stay and share a meal and friendship even if you are not able to bring something to share. We want to be with “you” so never feel you can’t stay just because you did not bring something. We’re more about people than food. 🙂


What to bring to outdoor services:

  • Your own comfortable lawn chair or a lawn blanket. We will have additional chairs you can set on the pavement area however if you’d like to sit in the grassy area, be sure to bring your own chair since ours are not conducive for lawn seating.
  • A cooler with your water and breakfast drinks. We will have coffee available inside. There are also indoor restroom facilities available.
  • If you desire shade you may bring a screw-on style umbrella for your chair. Please no in  ground pole style umbrellas. We want to keep the grass pristine and the grounds looking lovely.
  • Your smile, because after all, who isn’t happy being in the beautiful outdoors with family and friends?
  • See you soon!

Meeting at: 500 S. Fish Lake Road, Volo, IL 60073 (Lower Level)