Professional Counseling Services Disclaimer

While Fields of Grace and its leadership team are aware that situations and/or circumstances may arise where a church member is seeking counseling, Fields of Grace does not staff professional counselors and does not offer any counseling services.

In order to provide professional counseling on any level, states establish licensure or certification standards for health and human services professionals. Professional counselors are required by law in every state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico to be licensed in order to legally practice as a professional counselor.

The pastor of Fields of Grace and its elders/leaders are not licensed and therefore are prohibited from offering any professional counseling services.

As church and spiritual leaders, we are authorized to offer prayer and clarify biblical truths according to the Word of God. Offering prayer and scripture clarification however are in no way considered nor implied as professional counseling.

Fields of Grace encourages anyone seeking professional counseling to research licensed, accredited counselors in keeping with the rule of law. You may also wish to ask your trusted medical doctor for a professional recommendation.

We are always happy to pray with you and ask our Lord to guide and direct your steps.

The Fields of Grace Leadership Team