Family Meal Dates: No meal dates remaining for 2020.

So often we hear people reference  “the good ‘ol days.” A time when families would gather around the table and share conversation, laughter and enjoy a home-cooked meal. Somewhere between the good ‘ol days and today, the art of family conversation has become quite the challenge. Church families are no different. Too often we come to service only to rush out afterward, never having time to really enjoy each others company.

At Fields of Grace we make time for the things that matter; people. On the last Sunday of most months, we gather together for a time of prayer, conversation and home-cooked treats brought in by our members. This is our set aside, once a month communion time.

*NEW for 2020*  Social Gathering … How we safely gather for meals during COVID.

FAMILY MEALS:  Family Meals are a tradition of Fields of Grace and our time for communion (a shared meal). We will continue to host our last Sunday of the month Family Meal however we are changing how we do this in keeping with safe gathering practices. Here is how we will gather:

  1. On the last Sunday of each month, bring your own sack lunch and drinks in your cooler.
  2. After service, simply remain in your spot to eat lunch or you may set up with others so long as you maintain a 6′ distance between people. We certainly can talk and fellowship together even in this new setting.
  3. We will not be sharing food or passing any dishes, so be sure to pack your own yummy lunch!