PAW IT FORWARD: A twist on the Pay it Forward concept, this is a place where you can help other pet owners. By providing  your Pet Memorial Donations,  you can rest assured that your dollar-in-dollar-out  donations will be used for, (but not limited to) the following:

  • Help people who wish to adopt a new pet but are unable to pay the adoption fee.
  • Assist senior pet owners living on a fixed budget who are struggling to purchase pet food. Oftentimes a pet is the only connection a senior has to companionship and having to give up that pet feels like death to them and creates a bitter loneliness.
  • Assist with cremation expenses
  • Help with medical expenses, surgeries, etc.
  • Help with neutering/spaying expenses
  • Help with shots and pet registration expenses

Your generous donations to Paw it Forward is just another way to share the love of Jesus Christ and bring joy to others.