Fields of Grace Social Gathering Guidelines 2020
Loving and Serving God

“Six feet apart,  still joined at the heart.” -Pastor Jeanine Weintz (Fields of Grace)

Fields of Grace is a gathering of people who love God and love one another. In order to maintain safety and look out for all of you,  we have set in place the following guidelines to ensure we all do our part to keep one another safe and healthy and able to serve God and others. We acknowledge social distancing for the overall good of everyone, however this should never prevent us from being in community with other believers. Therefore we choose to practice, “Six feet apart, still joined at the heart.”

We thank you for standing with us in prayer and doing your part to keep us all protected and cared for in this new environment.

CHAIRS: Everyone please bring their own chair: This eliminates any concerns people might have with sterilization. We will have a few disinfected chairs in the back for visitors or those who are not aware of these changes. Attendees may prefer to bring a blanket and sit on the grass. This is fine as well. Please set up at a minimum distance of 6 feet  and please be aware of your surroundings. Those who have been living together and quarantining as families can remain sitting together as families in the outdoor setting, however you should continue to observe the recommended 6 foot rule when interacting with others.

COFFEE & DONUTS: We are going to eliminate donuts and coffee for the time being. It will be too difficult to have people stay 6 feet apart at the donut cart. The handling of the creamer and sugar by multiple people also creates an additional challenge. We certainly encourage you to purchase donuts in the market if you like. Feel free to bring your own coffee in a thermos or travel cup. Please consider bringing your own water bottles during the warmer weather.

OPTION #1This is the preferred option.  We will be sending a newsletter every week where you can print song lyrics at your home and bring them with you on Sunday mornings. We will need your email address in order to send weekly lyrics. We recommend printing double sided if your printer has the capability. This will reduce paper and make it easier to hold. Please take your printed sheets home with you or properly dispose of them in the trash cans. We want to respect the farm and its beauty. If you are not on our mailing list please sign up here 

OPTION #2 – We would like to encourage people to use the Fields of Grace APP where we will upload the song lyrics that can then be viewed on your phone, iPad, tablet, or other device, thus eliminating the need for a physical, paper bulletin. Just keep in mind sometimes it’s difficult to read devices in the sunlight.

Download APP for iPhone 

Download APP for Android (Google Play)

NOTE: Please enable  “Push Notifications” when you set up your FREE app.

OPTION #3- We are taking into consideration individuals who may not have a Smartphone, be comfortable with APPS, or are new visitors.  We will still make available a few paper song sheets for these attendees. You can pick these up at the back table however please do not approach the table if someone else is already there.  Allow them to move 6 foot or more away  prior to approaching the table to pick up your song sheet.

If you signed up for our newsletter, you will be receiving a weekly email with worship lyrics and a link to our prayer request form. Please complete your prayer requests and praises and submit securely online. All prayer requests go directly to Pastor Jeanine only. We will no longer be collecting prayer requests/praises on Sunday mornings.  We are going paperless. Pastor Jeanine will print the electronically submitted requests and bring them on Sundays to read during our prayer time. Please complete and send requests no later than Saturdays at noon. If you miss the Saturday deadline, no worries. Still send it in and we will include it in the following weeks service. You can submit a  prayer request here.

GENEROUS GIVING: We have been strongly encouraging online giving through our website, our APP, or via text. This is a safe and secure alternative for supporting the Lord’s work. We will continue to have our donation box on the back table however we will be asking people to please observe the distancing rules when back in that area. If you are more comfortable mailing a paper check you may do this as well. All these options can be found HERE. We encourage you to continue your practice of generous giving and encourage you to consider our secure online options.

SUN UMBRELLAS: When umbrellas are needed, these will be put up by one or two volunteers. Umbrellas sit for 6 days or more between each use in the open air. Since our umbrellas are limited, please feel free to bring your own sun umbrella for your chair if you have one.

HAND SANITIZER: There will not be hand sanitizer stations at the farm. If you desire to have wipes or hand sanitizer kindly bring your own from home.

MASKS & GLOVES: You are responsible to maintain the required 6 feet or more distance, so kindly observe these distances. Given the nature of our gathering being outdoors, and according the Illinois Governor’s Executive Orders,  masks are only required when a 6 foot or more distance cannot be maintained such as in stores and confined places.  Even so, please be responsible in your interaction with others and respect the distance protocol required by the state. Please maintain a minimum of 6 feet away when interacting with our greeters.  If you personally choose to wear gloves and/or a mask please do so. Note: We do reserve the right to require a mask of any individual(s) should we become aware that said individual(s)  are not observing these posted guidelines.

FEELING ILL: If you are not feeling well we kindly request you remain home until you are feeling better. Please let us know how you are doing so we may pray for you.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: Click here for more information on weather related procedures.

RAINA COMFORT DOG: Raina will be accompanied by a designated handler most weeks this summer. The handler will have a 6′ or longer leash, thus allowing people to interact with and pet Raina while still maintaining safe distancing. Raina will be available to meet and greet before and after service however, during service she will be resting and unavailable for interaction.

FAMILY MEALS:  Family Meals are a tradition of Fields of Grace and our time for communion (a shared meal). We will continue to host our last Sunday of the month Family Meal however we are changing how we do this in keeping with safe gathering practices. Here is how we will gather:

  1. On the last Sunday of each month, bring your own sack lunch and drinks in your cooler.
  2. After service, simply remain in your spot to eat lunch or you may set up with others so long as you maintain a 6′ distance between people. We certainly can talk and fellowship together even in this new setting.
  3. We will not be sharing food or passing any dishes, so be sure to pack your own yummy lunch!

Family Meal Dates: June 28th, July 26th, August 16th.

May the God of all power, protection, and provision be glorified and honored as we sit at His feet in worship to our Great God!

Love in Jesus,

Pastor Jeanine & the Elders